About Still Life

Still Life is on a mission to help you have your best day, every day.

We help you cultivate inner stillness so you can trade stressful days, over-caffeinated afternoons, and sleepless nights for less stress, better sleep, more energy, and deeper fulfillment in life and work.

Still Life teaches meditation techniques that are simple and can be practiced anywhere, anytime so you can be the expert of your own wellbeing – no more apps, insider lingo, expensive memberships, or inconvenient studio schedules.

Based in Seattle, we run regular offering of the Learn to Meditate course (more info here), provide 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and host pop up meditation, music, and community events.

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Meet our Founder

Ben Katt

Ben Katt is a meditation teacher who has spent over 15 years leading, innovating, and inspiring at the intersection of spirituality, community, and social impact. As the creator of multiple organizations and projects, facilitator of hundreds of transformational gatherings, and coach of hundreds of leaders, Ben is an expert at adapting ancient personal development tools for modern contexts to empower people at home and in the workplace to live their best lives for the good of the world.