In the Learn to Meditate course, you’ll learn the 1 Giant Mind ‘Being Technique’ – a simple, effortless meditation technique that you can practice anywhere – in three 90-minute sessions.

-Leads to Less Stress, Better Sleep, More Energy, and Increased Happiness!

-No expensive memberships, inconvenient studio schedules, distracting apps, or confusing insider lingo – just you and your wellbeing!

-Never meditated? Mind too busy? This technique is perfect for you!



-The course is taught in three 90-minute sessions, preceded by attending a required 30-minute Introductory Session (free) on reducing stress, the technique, and course preview.  

-One-time investment of $299 to access this technique for daily transformation, with deep discounts of $100 off and $250 off for those experiencing financial hardship at this time (discount codes available at registration below).

-50% of all course proceeds through May will be donated to the Aurora Commons COVID-19 Unsheltered Community Fund.

Stress Less Plan

1. Attend Free Introductory Session.
2. Register for the ‘Learn to Meditate’ Course.
3. Meditate & Live Your Best Day, Every Day!

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