In the Learn to Meditate course, you’ll learn the 1 Giant Mind ‘Being Technique’ – a simple, effortless meditation technique that you can practice anywhere – in three 90-minute sessions.

-Leads to Less Stress, Better Sleep, More Energy, and Increased Happiness!

-No expensive memberships, inconvenient studio schedules, distracting apps, or confusing insider lingo – just you and your wellbeing!

-Never meditated? Mind too busy? This technique is perfect for you!



-The course is taught in three 90-minute sessions, preceded by attending a required 30-minute Introductory Session (free) on reducing stress, the technique, and course preview.  

-One-time investment of $299 to access this technique for daily transformation, with a deep discounts of $150 off for those experiencing financial hardship at this time (discount code available at registration below).

Stress Less Plan

1. Attend Free Introductory Session.
2. Register for the ‘Learn to Meditate’ Course.
3. Meditate & Live Your Best Day, Every Day!

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